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Celebrate Recovery

Anchor for Our Soul

By Sheila Knudson, Celebrate Recovery Northeast Regional Director

“We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Hebrews 6:19

In ancient times, the anchor was viewed as a symbol that represented safety. Because of this, Christians adopted the anchor as their symbol of HOPE. The word “anchor” is used in this verse as a metaphor for that “which supports or keeps one steadfast during a time of trial or doubt.”

Even though we aren’t living in ancient times, we all know right now, we can have plenty of trials and things to have doubt about. In our personal recovery journeys, we can be struggling to navigate through tumultuous, perilous and uncertain waters.

During these times of struggle, we have to place our hope and trust in our one and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ. He alone is our Hope and the Anchor for our souls.

As I researched the word “anchor,” I found that there are many types of anchors which are used for different purposes. We can compare those to the roles Jesus plays as the “anchor to our souls.”

Some anchors are designed to stabilize the vessel and slow it down. To act as a brake.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when we are running too fast, become overwhelmed and feel life is out of control.

Some anchors are used for temporary anchoring on smaller boats.

           Jesus is our anchor and hopeeven in the temporary or small trials in life.

Some anchors have extremely strong holding power.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when we are insecure and feeling as if we are being pulled under.

Some anchors are massive, heavy and have the ability to swivel.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when we need to trust and be flexible even when we can’t see the outcome or where we are headed.

Other anchors are used for deep sea oil and gas rigs to prevent drift.

           Jesus is our anchor and hope – when the big storms of life arrive and we are being tossed about by the wind and the waves.

Points to ponder……. 

  1. Are you trusting God in the smaller trials of life?
  2. Do you have any areas where you are doubting or tending to lose faith?
  3. Are there any storms in life that you are facing right now and you’re feeling confused or fearful?
  4. Are you being tossed about on the wind and waves like a ship in deep and perilous waters?

Point to remember……

Just as an anchor secures a ship, Jesus secures our soul.

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