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Celebrate Recovery

God Is Ready to Rescue You

God Is Ready to Rescue You

By Mac Owen, National Director, Celebrate Recovery®

In one of the toughest times of my life, I was given a Bible by my sweet wife. She had placed a marker in this Bible with the words, “Please read this chapter.” It was Psalm 18, written by David, a man who would become known as someone after God’s own heart. David suffered many hardships in his life but was always quick to thank God for delivering him through the hard times. He knew where his hope came from.

This chapter has become a prescription for me. This step-by-step plan helps me get back on the right track when I’m losing hope.

In this chapter, I see three things David does and three things God does in response.

  1. David starts with praise. He calls God his strength, his rock, his fortress, his deliverer, his refuge, his shield, and his stronghold. (Verses 1-2)
  2. David remembers God’s promise. When David calls on the Father, the Creator of the cosmos, he is saved from his enemies. (Verse 3)
  3. David shares his predicament with God. David is at a point where everything seems hopeless, even to the point of death. (Verses 4-6)
  4. This is where God goes to work! As pandemonium breaks loose, God comes down to fight the battles that David could not fight himself. (Verses 7-15)
  5. After God routes David’s enemies, David prospers. David says that God confronted his enemies, supported him, and brought him into a spacious place. (Verses 16-19)
  6. It’s at this point that David finds peace. This is such a powerful verse in the Bible. (Verse 19)

When I start to lose hope, God is ready to rescue me—because, just like with David, God delights in me, too!

So if you’re going through a tough time this holiday season or anytime in your life, do the following:

  • Praise God for who he is.
  • Remember God’s promises.
  • Share your predicament with God.

He will come down and fight your battles so that you can prosper and find the peace you are looking for.

God is ready to give you hope.

He is ready to rescue you.

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