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An Invitation to Lead People to Discover Their Purpose

Recently a 22-year-old named Mark connected with me through social media and asked, “How do I know what my purpose in life is?” As we chatted, I learned that his parents had read The Purpose Driven Life, but he had not read it, since he was only 12 years old when it was published.

Every new generation must rediscover God’s purpose for themselves, and as a church body.

This is why I have expanded The Purpose Driven Life with 2 new chapters, and created an all new Church-wide Campaign called What On Earth Am I Here For? that will answer this fundamental question of life’s meaning.

I am always praying that your Church would grow in the incredible sense of joy that comes from discovering what God put us on this planet to do. In this six week Campaign, your Church will experience:

  • Explonential growth in your Small Groups and attendance. Average of 28% GROWTH!
  • New discoveries of purpose within your Church body
  • Renewed energy for the five purposes – Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism, Ministry, and Mission

10 years ago, over 30,000 Churches were transformed by 40 Days of Purpose and the original Purpose Driven Life.

I hope your Church will pray about this new Campaign for a new generation, and join me for What On Earth Am I Here For?.

Always with love for you,

Pastor Rick Warren

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