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Join Rick and Kay Warren for 24 Hours of Hope, a Free, Global, Online Simulcast

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Sometimes, the pain in your brain is the worst kind of pain.

When your mind gets sick, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with painful thoughts like panic, or anxiety, or rage, or compulsive ideas that you can’t get out of your mind. Mental pain can lead to despair and even thoughts of ending your life.


That’s why I urge you to join me this Friday, October 10, for 24 HOURS OF HOPE, A FREE, GLOBAL ONLINE SIMULCAST.

Watch this special message from Kay and me…

Because “mental” illness is so misunderstood, it is often stigmatized as strange or different or shameful. So we hide our hurt and suffer in silence, thinking we are “odd” or “not normal.”  But the truth is, illnesses of the brain are as common as illnesses of any other organ.

Today, one out of four adults in America is affected by a mental illness at some point in their lives. That means you know and love family, friends, and co-workers who are struggling with some type of mental illness. You may be struggling, too.


  • Jesus calls us to always help those who hurt in any way
  • Over 400 million struggle with mental illness around the world…
  • Kay and I and our family saw Matthew lose his battle with this illness…
  • Saddleback is committed to leading the way for other churches…

…OUR CHURCH FAMILY has made Mental Health one of our seven “Signature Ministries.”

That means we will do everything we can to support those who hurt, and to equip families and churches to minister in this area where most of us have felt helpless and hopeless to offer assistance.

In March of this year, Saddleback co-sponsored the groundbreaking Gathering on Mental Health and the Church, featuring some of the best experts, teachers, and testimonies in the nation. For many, that conference was life changing. For others, it was literally life saving. That conference was so helpful we knew that the content needed to be shared with the whole world.

SO THIS FRIDAY, which is WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, Kay and I are hosting a free online simulcast to let those suffering know that WE CARE!

24 HOURS OF HOPE will feature practical teaching, encouraging testimonies, and helpful interviews from 30 speakers, including Kay and me. The nine hours of programming will be repeated several times so people in every time zone around the world can participate. You can join us anytime, beginning at midnight on Thursday.

Will you help me get the word out?

Join Kay and me at this Friday for 24 HOURS OF HOPE.

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