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Celebrate Recovery

Lessons from the Rich and Famous

By Bob Newby, West Region Director for Celebrate Recovery

Our small group is reading through the book of Daniel. There are some very profound lessons for those of us in recovery. I want to highlight one for us to consider. 

Nebuchadnezzar was a mighty, wealthy, influential, and gifted man. He built Babylon into the greatest empire of his day. From the world’s perspective, he had it all. He built the world’s most powerful military for aggression, protection, and influence. He had access to all the resources to create whatever he wanted. It would seem at first glance that if he wrote a book about leadership, it would have been a best seller. In 600 B.C., he would have been the “Man of the Year” for Time Magazine.

That is why it is so shocking that this amazing king of kings and Man of the Year winner would be homeless, isolated, eating grass, with fingernails like the claws of a bird and unkempt hair like the feathers of a bird—only twelve months later.

Here is how that happened:

King Nebuchadnezzar had an ego that was on the ridiculous scale. He had an image of gold and ordered everyone in his kingdom to bow down to it. If they didn’t, he would dispose of them by throwing them into a furnace.  

Nebuchadnezzar’s ego and pride drove him to a very desperate place.   

However, the story does not end here, which is our hope. Nebuchadnezzar recognized that Daniel’s God was the King of Kings. He ultimately learned to worship the God Most High. Nebuchadnezzar was restored and he reigned again. 

In my daily inventory, I ask, “Is my ego or pride isolating me and damaging my closest relationships? Do I have to need to be right? Do I argue or use sarcasm so others will bow down or concede to my ideas? Do I write people off if they see a situation differently than I do?” If so, I am going to experience some isolation. Who wants to connect with a know-it-all? If I humble myself, I can pursue understanding, gain empathy, and perhaps have closer relationships. This is what I want.  


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