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The Time of Your Life: Invest It Wisely

The Time of Your Life: Invest It Wisely
Why is it that time drags when you want it to pass quickly and flies when you need more of it? It’s not very cooperative!
Time is the great equalizer. We all have the same amount of it. The difference between successful people and average people is this: Achievers manage their time wisely. Rather than wasting time or spending time, they invest time. They make the most out of each moment.
In the 1990’s, people are realizing that time is more important than money. Money is a renewable resourcethere are always places to get more of it. But time is a limited resource.
You only have a certain allotment of time in your life. When it’s used up . . . that’s it! Your time is your life. When you give someone your money, you’ve given them something that you can replace. But when you give someone your time, you’ve given them a part of your life. This means “time management” is really “life management.”
The Bible has this to say: “Live life with a due sense of responsibility . . . as people who know the meaning of life . . . Make the best use of your time. Don’t be vague but grasp firmly what you know to be the will of God” (Ephesians 5:15-17 PHILLIPS).
I’d summarize these verses this way:
1.  Analyze your lifestyle! Be aware of where your time is going.
2.  Utilize the present! Make the most of this moment.
3.  Recognize what’s important! Focus on priorities that last.
A question to consider as you work this week: “How much of what I’m doing right now is going to count ten years from now . . . 50 years from now . . . or for eternity?”
You have just enough time to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. If you “can’t get it all done” it means (1) You’re doing things God never intended for you to do, or (2) You’re doing the right thing in the wrong way.
Pray this prayer this week: “God help me to manage my time wisely this week.”

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