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Celebrate Recovery

You Are Not Alone in Your Journey

You Are Not Alone in Your Journey

By Richard O. Cobb, Celebrate Recovery International Director

The closest relationship a person can ever experience is with Jesus Christ, who said in John 14:18, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you” (KJV). Some think it’s a fairytale story, one of unattainable love—until they experience it for themselves. That’s what happened to me after the death of my daughter, when I experienced that love as I grasped the back of a church pew in 1980.

Going through life alone does not mean you are alone, even though at times it sure feels like it. As Jesus prepared the apostles for his departure to heaven—when they would lose him physically—he left them many things, the greatest of which was his promise to always be near. When your relationships seem out of reach, just know he is reaching out to be with you, to come to you, and to comfort you.

There is an illustration of a triangle with a couple standing at each bottom end and God placed in his rightful position at the peak. As the saying goes, the closer we get to the top of the triangle—and to God—the closer we get to each other. Although true, this does not only apply to our spousal relationships; it also applies to all of our relationships. You are not alone in your journey; there are many others moving toward God.

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