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Celebrate Recovery

You Are Not Alone in Your Recovery

You Are Not Alone in Your Recovery

By Rodney Holmstrom, National Field Director, Celebrate Recovery

Too often in the dysfunction of a broken past, we can buy into the lie that we must face pain on our own. Perhaps you have been rejected by countless people in your life and you find it very difficult to allow anyone into your brokenness. Sometimes we can start believing that if anyone finds out how broken we truly are, they will reject us and confirm the very fears we have held on to for so long. As a result of this mistrust of others, we believe the lie that we don’t need others in our life, and we attempt to control our facade of “having it all together.”

However, our effort to hold on to our past on our own is the very thing that fans the flame of living in misery and leaves us in a state of exhaustion. Matthew 10:39 tells us, “If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it” (NLT).

This Scripture is a great reminder that our stubborn attempts to control our past on our own will rob us of the life we seek. When we understand that we don’t have to face it on our own, we can begin to show God and trusted others the scary parts of our heart.

In that moment, we can step forward with courage and share the most vulnerable parts of our heart, without experiencing the rejection we had feared. Everything changes.

There is a reason that Scriptures show us 56 “one another” statements on how to face life. When we face our hurt with our new, healthy connections in recovery, God begins to rewire some old “stinking thinking” and poor habits. These changed thoughts then build new, healthy practices.

In order to heal and grow, we must be vulnerable by allowing God and other people into our pain. This choice restores us from broken relationships and invites us into healthy and renewed relationships. Even if God doesn’t restore past relationships, he can and will heal us from them.

The best news of all is that through our healing process, we gain brand-new healthy connections in Christ.

It is great news that we don’t have to face our battles alone.

If you’re struggling in isolation, please know that God has a unique place with people who are willing and ready to walk through your pain with you. This place is called Celebrate Recovery®.

We truly are better together.

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